Human Hair Lace Front Wig


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This is human hair lace wig. It is made with a 4X4 frontal or 2X6 frontal lace closure, depending on customer’s request.

It is also available in straight and curly as seen in the picture.

When handled with care can last for more than 2 years but gets smaller in density. Silicon oil is advisable to be applied once in 2 weeks on the straight wig but not in excess, while curly activator is advisable on the curly one with regular and frequent application to keep the shine and curls moist at all time as curly hair often gets dried quick if not regularly fed with curly lotion.

Wig cap is a one size fit all cap with an elastic strap attached for firm grip. The elastic strap can be clipped together if wig feels s bit loose and unclipped if wig feels too tight.

The wig is available in peach black known as colour 1 and natural black colour known as colour 1b. Also brighter colours like honey gold, bugundy, blonde are all available upon request

Kindly send a message to discuss the type needed.


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